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The RVB Advantage at Contact Centers

1.) RVB Firenze Coffee Service at the Workplace

The workplace has become even more demanding and competitive that one always has to be on his toes to keep pace with all its demands and challenges. Definitely, one can’t do thishalf-awake. Studies show that work performance declines when alertness levels fall.

Poor work performance due to lack of energy and vitality can be abated. Studies show that coffee can specifically help restore energy and alertness levels.

Coffee contributes significantly not only to help one focus and concentrate but also to be alert. According to research, coffee can increase the speed of information processing by 10 percent.

This translates to meeting one’s targets and increasing competitive advantage without unnecessarily working long hours.

Aside from increasing alertness, coffee has been found out to alter mood in a positive way. This effect is most obvious during low arousal situations such as during graveyard shifts or after lunch.

Also, scientific studies have shown that drinking coffee helps relieve headache among workers.

It pays to serve coffee during long meetings or when tasks require long hours of mental as well as physical alertness. According to the Positively Coffee Autumn 2007 newsletter, three to four cups pf coffee usually gives the desired effect

RVB Firenze

2.) RVB Firenze Edge VS Vending Machine

  RVB Firenze Vending Machine
Quality and Taste
Our coffee is drip-brewed coffee. We used Imported 100% Arabica (the most expensive and highly prized) coffee beans or home-grown robusta beans to create our own unique blends. These beans are roasted using a system that exceeds international standards. Enough cream & sugar are available to suit individual tastes. Our natural green tea and gourmet cocoa are also world class.
Instant Coffee made from inferior coffee beans attractive for their price. Cream and sugar is limited to the machine's calibration.
We aim to lower your coffee costs or match your present cost but serve a superior coffee product and service to guarantee a higher value for your money. We buy our coffee supplies by the tons, taking advantage of the lowest wholesale prices to pass on the savings to you.
Higher investment costs for machines requires higher coffee cup prices.
Personal Service
As an option we can provide highly trained Station Managers to manage a coffee brewing station. They will prepare the beverages, anticipate peak and low hours, and make sure that the beverages are hot, fresh, and available at all times.
No Personalized Service. For selling systems, vending machines sometimes dispense the wrong product, wrong change, or wrong amount.
Our Station Managers periodically wipe down and keep the equipment and premises clean and sanitary for anyone to see. Infestation by roaches or rodents are virtually non-existent.
Cleaning is done far less, if at all. Repetitive complaints of infestation presents problems for your managers and may even lead to health or labor problems.
We use state of the art, US quality equipment. Because of the simplicity of our system, any of our Service Agents can fix a malfunction at the site. In the unlikely event that a brewer has to be replaced, our back up service can deliver a back-up machine in less than 2 hours.
Highly complicated equipment means more things can go wrong which requires a repair specialist needing days or several hours to respond thus interrupting your coffee service indefinitely.
Electrical Consumption
Minimal. Electricty is needed only during each brewing cycle (around 6 min per pot). Quality and temperature is maintained thru our state-of-the-art thermal dispensers requiring no electricity. Total electrical wattage is only 2,400 watts used for approximately 3 hours per day.
Substantial. Since everything is automated, all processes like brewing, maintaining temperature, dispensing cups, and even pouring the exact amount of coffee into cups requires electricity. Since hundreds of cups are dispensed per day, the electricity needed by the dispensing mechanism alone is quite high.The bigger the machine, the more the electricity required.
Our coffee and ingredients are laid out for management to inspect at any time. The amount of coffee grounds per cup is easily verifiable.
All operation is conducted "behind closed doors". Very difficult to inspect the amount of serving, the quality of the coffee, and sanitation.

3.) Survey at a Major Call Center

Last summer, we served our full line of coffee, cocoa, and tea beverages for one whole shift to one of the biggest and most respected call centers in the Philippines.

At the same time, we conducted a survey to test the acceptance of our brewed coffee with the employees who tried our beverages. Out of over 600 employees served we found out the following:

When asked to rate the aroma, taste, and flavor of our coffee on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, the employees gave an average rating as follows:

Aroma 8.7 Taste 9.3 Flavor 8.6

When asked to compare our freshly brewed coffee, premium cocoa, and natural green tea to their existing hot beverage service,

97% said they would rather switch to the Firenze Hot Beverage System

Find out for yourself! Allow us to serve your staff free of charge and
we are sure that you will agree that the

Firenze Hot BeverageSystem is totally . . .

RVB Firenze

4.) Brewed vs. Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is produced by placing wet coffee granules on large trays and freezing them. The air is then pulled out of the freezing chamber to prevent condensation, and the chamber is warmed. The resulting grounds are packaged for sale. Instant coffee manufacturers frequently use low-quality coffee beans for roasting and grinding, which contributes to its generally substandard taste.

Drip brewed coffee uses fresh ground coffee beans mixed with hot water and filtered using a drip brewer. This system captures more of the essential oils and flavors of the coffee beans. At RVB Firenze, we use only the best coffee beans traded worldwide surpassing international standards of quality. Drip brewed coffee is the number one method of preparing coffee in the United States

Drip brewed coffee is better tasting, is more flavorful and retains most of the original coffee goodness unlike instant coffee which is but a shadow of its former self. Another important difference is that drip brewed coffee contains up to twice as much caffeine than instant coffee. Caffeine as everyone knows is the main ingredient in coffee that contains the health benefits. It is also the main ingredient that keeps coffee drinkers more alert and thus more productive.

RVB Firenze

5.) View our video to see why you need Firenze Coffee at your facilty

Firenze Coffee at your Contact Center
RVB Firenze

6.) Our Kiosk
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